Born in 1988 in Muenster. A relative newcomer to photography Tina got her first camera during her Media & Communication studies in 2009; it was love at first take and she’s been hooked ever since. Fashion photography is her way of expressing herself, of expressing her understanding of beauty, and how she sees and feels things.

It wasn‘t long before she accumulated an array of equipment and she soon built up a portfolio that exemplifies the various facets of her life, things she feels are important and worth seeing.


Jeonga Choi Berlin
Yvonne Warmbier Fashion
Sarah Duah Fashion

Elléments Magazine
RUDE Magazine
FART Magazine
Tantalum Magazine
Ordinary Magazine

Working mainly with friends and acquaintances in the beginning, she turned more professional in 2012, working for several clients in the fashion industry.

Tina is always interested in new projects and meeting new faces.

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